Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Alfred E. Biden .... Again

A lot of people wanna give Joe Biden a pass for his "back in chains" remarks yesterday just because he's a dumbass and because he's Joe Biden. Wrong! Wrong! Wrong!

I've posted at least a half-dozen times on the stupidity of Biden and he keeps on validating and justifying all my screeds. Yesterday was no different. He got up in front of an audience that consisted of a large percentage of blacks and starts in with the Reverend Pimp shit and phony drawl that Politicians from North of the Mason Dixon line seem to magically acquire when speaking in front of blacks. Not only is Biden stupid, clueless, and a liar (I.E. - a democrat) but he's a fucking phony and a poser too.

Maybe blacks eat this crap up, I don't know. But anyone with two grams of brains can see this for what it is - pandering and racism in one of its most subtle forms. By pulling his fake "you'all" and dropping his "n's" at the end of his words all he does is prove the real racists are democrats. I guess they figure blacks are too stupid to understand proper English (even if many don't speak it) unless it's spoken with a ghetto cadence and fake Southern drawl. Can you imagine what would have been written and said if Mitt Romney had pulled this shit at the NAACP speech a few weeks back? The press would have had a field day.

Useless Factoid: In 1978 my Sister left Southern Kalifornia for Texas. After nearly eighteen years of no contact and not speaking to her I managed to find her in 1996. After all those years in Corpus Christi she had acquired a Texas drawl and sounded like she'd been born in the South. She had to LIVE in Texas to develop that accent, and for many years too. Joe Biden of Delaware crosses into Virginia and all of a sudden he's "Billy Bob Jones". Fuck him, I ain't buying it. Besides being a dumbshit he's a fucking fake.

I've said this before and I'll say it again - Americans should be outraged and insulted that Berry Soetero Hussein Geobbels Omama picked this man for VP. And the fact that Biden was a Senator before being VP doesn't say much good about the voters Delaware either. Twenty years later I'm still hearing about Dan Quayle and his spelling gaffe of Potato. Biden makes Quayle seem like a Mensa member in comparison.

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