Tuesday, August 7, 2012

More From The Lying POS Demcraps!

The CNN reporter in the video below uses the term "Not accurate" when referring to the video's outrageous charge that Mitt Romney caused this woman's death. No CNN, it's a FUCKING LIE! Fixed it for ya!

Jesus Tits, if the liberal shit-stains of CNN can poke a hole in the "Romney Killed My Wife" video you know it's a weak-ass story. I feel like taking a hot shower every damn time I see one of these creepy fucking ads from the demorats. Read the full article on HotAir.

I'm gonna go out on a limb here a say the democrats are seriously overplaying their hand with this kind of political horseshit. The only ones who will be influenced by a fairy tale such as this are gonna vote for Omama anyway... IOW, America's dumbasses.

Most of the Conservatives I know are too smart to buy into this crap. So who's gonna be influenced? Undecided voters, that's who. And this kind of sleazy over-the-top shit will backfire and piss-off those undecided voters. Wait and see. The final and most accurate poll comes on November the sixth.

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Hardnox said...

Not only did they lie, the woman had her own insurance.