Saturday, August 25, 2012

What'll These Assholes Dream Up Next?

Only from the race-obsessed minds of democrats would shit like this ever be proposed and disposed. I gotta hand it to the donkeys - at least they're consistent.... they're ALWAYS fucking ridiculous.

From American Thinker comes a story that is almost unbelievable in its absurdity. Since black kids are more prone to act up and get in trouble in school, president Berry Soetero Hussein Goebbels Omama has signed an executive order that for all purposes mandates "racial quotas" in dealing with the problem. In other words, since statistically speaking black kids get into more trouble in school than Whites, Asian, or Hispanic kids, we need to be "racially sensitive" and ignore the problems in order to be "fair". Fuck - if it weren't for low standards the dems wouldn't have any standards!

Has any word ever been perverted to such a degree the way Omama has done with the word "fair" And how in the fuck is giving these kids a pass being "fair" to the ones who maintain self-control and behave in school? And as the AT article implied, all Omama and the dems are doing is setting up another generation of victims for the next versions of Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson Jerkson to exploit.

Or maybe this is just another surreptitious attempt by the dems to groom and stroke the next generation of fuck-ups and losers and in the process recruit voters. After all, they already have the dead, illegal, convict, and zombie vote sewn up. What this crap really is, is another Affirmative Action mandate by a man who in all likelyhood would still be in Hawaii and selling used cars or dealing "choom" if it weren't for racial quotas.

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