Monday, August 6, 2012

When I See Shit - I Call It Shit!

I don't refer to shit as a turds, (okay, sometimes I do) dookie,  poo poo, road apples or cow flops. I call it what it is - SHIT!

And it's about damned time the Republican leaders and suits had someone who did the same. And yesterday we finally got one who did. Reince Priebus called Harry Reid exactly what he is - a "dirty liar." It's about fucking time! And whatever you say next Reince, don't back down. The decent people of America are hungry for the truth and you just gave us a snack.

I get sick and tired of commentators and pundits referring to politicians as "disingenuous" or "dishonest" when they really ought to be calling them what they are... liars and crooks. Unless Harry Reid can back HIS shit up, he needs to shut the hell up! He's offered no proof - only some vague "source" that most likely exists only in the minds and talking points of the DNC. I'm so glad this has finally happened.

"Now - if they'll get to Nancy Pelousy and call her what she really is they'll have a field day."

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