Thursday, August 2, 2012

Where Are They Now Part Deux Douche - Mike Nifong & Crystal Gayle Mangum

Remember the Duke Lacrosse Rape case of six years ago? The two REAL rapists are in ruin and one, Crystal Gayle Mangum is facing a murder charge. 

After knowingly trying to railroad four innocent men by hiding exculpatory evidence Mike Nifong has for the most part dropped out of site. He was disbarred, faced and filed for bankruptcy and now seems to have disappeared. It's rare when a high profile douche such as Nifong has no current links on the web but that seems to be the case. Nearly every thing I found on him was at least five years old.

Crystal Gayle Mangum has also lived a less than pristine life since she falsely accused the four Duke athletes of rape. She's been arrested and convicted of child abuse. Oh, did I mention she's also been charged with murder? And these two assholes are/were the shining examples of the liberal media of the inherent racism in America. The lame stream media dropped them like hot potatoes when the TRUTH actually came out. I guess they couldn't get any more mileage out of the story.. you think?

And the Duke 88 professors and bigots who pissed all over themselves trying to convict the Lacrosse players are for the most part still alive and thriving in American academia and continue to infect the minds of their students. And I don't EVER remember these fuckers apologizing to anyone. Or maybe I just missed it.

And what of the two race pimps, the RevRearEnds Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton who jumped on the bandwagon in an effort to lynch these young men? They continue along their merry way and like hungry locusts move on to the next feeding frenzy of ginned up racism hoping to make a buck and stay relevant. The more things change - the more they stay the same.


Hardnox said...

That is the truth.

The Zimmerman/Martin story is exactly the same. If the race pimps weren't involved Zimmerman might actually get justice since he's actually the victim.

In the meantime, blacks are slaughtering blacks all over the country and the Revs don't say shit about it.

These clowns would be irrelevant if the alphabets would simply not cover them.

Greasywrench AKA rich b said...

Knox - I saw a great image of Jackson and Sharpton on the web the other day. The caption read "without racism these two assholes would have to get real jobs".

I'm gonna post something and use it. That pretty much sums up their entire careers.