Friday, September 14, 2012

Please Define Great

If I hear or see one more politician use the word "great religion" and Jizlam in the same sentence I'm gonna shoot my TV or throw up! Once, just once, I'd like to hear one of these assholes define what's so fucking great about Jizlam. What the fuck is their criteria?

If you consider that Jizlam is so perverted: it encourages death over life. It advocates the death of others who don't practice Jizlam. It allows for the mutilation of the genitals of its women. It values death and martyrdom over life and love. It drives children to strap on belts full of explosives and commit suicide in the name of allah. It promotes the slaughter of its own women and children for not submitting to the authority of men in the name of obedience and honor. It encourages and agitates its members into a constant state of anger and insanity. So if that's your criteria Jizlam is a great religion. Great my ass!

I think we can consider it a death-cult not unlike Jim Jones and the People's Temple who also encouraged and carried out a mass suicide in 1978 of women and children in the name of God.

And as I watched Omama and Cankles Clinton speaking this morning at Andrews Joint Base and receiving the bodies of our slain diplomats and servicemen back to the USA I was struck by the words used by Hillary. She said "they gave their lives in service to America". No Hillary, they didn't "give" their lives. Their lives were fucking stolen by a cult religion that would benefit the world if it ceased to exist. So stop calling this abomination to God and all of humanity a "great religion" and call it what it is - a death cult!

Hillary's drivel and official State Department ass-kissing is below.


Adrienne said...

I watched the Transfer Ceremony and Hillary was despicable. The first thing out her lying mouth was "it was a bad week at the State Department this week." No, you bitch - the people in the caskets lined up behind you had a "bad" week. You were just inconvenienced a bit.

And then dragged out the story of the "movie" upsetting the Muzzies and how most Libyans just love us. Do these lying P'sOS
really think we're that stupid??? Stupid question!

Greasywrench AKA rich b said...

Actually Adrienne, they do think we're that stupid. The fact they all have government jobs and make a fine living at taxpayer expense is a testament to that.

Fifty-one percent of the voters in 2008 WERE that stupid. The fact that things may repeat in 2012 is even more shocking if you consider the state of affairs in the USA.

Adrienne said...