Monday, September 24, 2012

I Bet No One Remembers This One...

The song came out in my Senior year of High School. Everyone remembers their Senior year - right? Anyway, check it out.

Useless Anecdote: Many years ago (1976) I was visiting some friends of mine here in town and for some reason ended up getting drunk, stoned, high, loaded, etc... and there was a guy sitting on the couch who was also trashed on who knows what. Anyway, he was humming an old Who song and we started talking about rock bands and whatever happened to ... and the conversation led to Redeye, the band who sang and played on the song below. Well this guy swore to God he was the one who wrote the song. I guess I'll never know if he was a Homeric bullshitter or telling the truth. But as loaded as I was that night I'll never forget his story.

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