Wednesday, September 5, 2012

In All Its Ugly Glory - The Democratic Convention

They Booed God! America's democratic party in action!

It's all out there and they can't hide their bullshit and outright lies anymore. In the wonderful age of IT and the new media the democrats are being exposed for what they are. Here we have a political party that's featuring speakers such as ....

Debbie "Whopperman" Schultz: One of the biggest liars America has produced since OJ Simpson.
The Late Ted Kennedy: Drunken lout and quite arguably culpable to the rape of a young woman in Palm Beach, Florida with his nephew William, expelled from Harvard for cheating. Responsible for the death of Mary Jo Kopechne in 1969.
Bill Clinton: Impeached, draft-dodging, skirt chasing serial abuser of women AND cigars who'll nominate Berry Hussein Goebbels Omama. Another sterling example of the respect the dems REALLY have for women.
Elizabeth Warren: Lying, affirmative action abuser of Indian quotas and phony Cherokee poser. She doesn't have the guts to face the very tribe whose identity she's usurped.
Nancy Pelousy: Quite possibly the stupidest member of congress and a renowned world-class liar in her own right.
Sandra Fluke: Want's you to pay for HER birth control pills AND now asks taxpayers to fund sex-change operations for transexuals.
Jimmy Carter (via video feed): I won't even bother with peanuts!

Get the picture? I could keep going with the shit-list above but it's obvious where the values lie in the democrat party. And after watching a large portion of the crowd booing at the idea of re-inserting the words God and Jerusalem back into the official party platform (see previous post) the dems can't pull the wool over the eyes of American anymore.

And to those who will vote for Omama anyway after this sorry-assed display of every liberal wet-dream in the guise of diversity and inclusiveness, a big fat KISS MY ASS! And you progressives shit-stains be careful what you wish for. As the old saying goes you just might get it.

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