Friday, September 21, 2012

Just In - Cheeseburger Pollution Worse Than Diesel!

I'll let you guess which State this report came from. You gotta hand it to the bunny-huggers and environmentalists - they're like venereal diseases. Just when you think they're gone they come back with a vengence. The story showed up on Moonbattery today and it's an eye-opener. Worse than an Eighteen-wheeler? I guess anything can be twisted to fit one's own pretzel logic if you bend it hard enough.

In a related story, Moochelle Omama was recently photographed by sometime detective and often time World Of Greasywrench Paparazzi Seymore Butts at the Long Beach Ca. Cheeseburger Festival. Here in the photo below the first lady is sitting and relaxing while enjoying a double chili-cheese with Arugula in lieu of lettuce. After all - she's watching her weight. Jesus H Christ! Moochelle's got TWO asses!

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