Saturday, September 29, 2012

Thanks Again YouTube. I'll Share This Instead.

Last night I uploaded a Roger Waters video to YouTube, which ironically, I downloaded from YouTube about five years ago before the record companies cracked down on sharing. Well, it stayed up about three or four hours then YouTube removed it for copyright violations. If you actually think about it, YouTube itself is a gross copyright violation.

Now I'm not stupid - I understand the need for copyright laws. For some silly reason I always believed they were to prevent theft. Now by uploading a video to be listened to I was under the impression I was sharing, not selling the damn thing. I have a problem comprehending where the theft part comes in. I must be stupid I guess. So sharing something that is NOT available to buy anywhere (as far as I know) constitutes theft according to the record companies. Taking that logic to an absurd conclusion no one would be allowed into your home to watch a DVD of say... Roger Waters for example. They'd have to buy their own copy and go home and watch it there. Are you following my logic? Maybe I'm missing something here but I guess that's just the way it goes.

There's been a lot of great live music over the years that's on tape but for whatever reasons the record companies are sitting on the recordings and NOT releasing them for sale. I used to buy DVD's from Best Buy and other outlets but it's getting harder and harder to find older Rock video collections from the sixties and seventies. Most of the shit being sold today is hip-hop and rap which is fucking junk! Just my opinion. I know this rant is just a huge rationalization but that's the way it is when it comes to finding old music.

Oh, did I mention I originally downloaded the Roger Waters/Pink Floyd video from YouTube several years ago? Yes - you can download YouTube videos. I use this program. Thanks again YouTube. All I wanted to do was share, so I'll share the YTD downloader link instead.


CharlieDelta said...

Unfuckinbelievable! Well, maybe not so much. The greed that pours out of record labels is exactly the reason I'm all for stealing music. I don't do it myself because I have shitty luck and would be one of the fuckers getting caught, but I am all for everyone out there stealing as much music as they can. Fuck corporate rock!

The band only gets a small percentage of record sales anyways. They make their money touring and playing live.

Greasywrench AKA rich b said...

To tell you the truth CharlieDelta, I've been trading rock vids online since Al Gore invented the internet. I used to use WinMx and a few other peer-to-peer programs but they got shut down. Now I use torrents and the YouTube downloader I linked to in my post when it comes to getting music. And yeah, the record companies are major thieves. They make the Mafia look like boy scouts. Fuck em!

I'd gladly pay for good Classic Rock music vids if they were still available. The problem is they're no longer popular except with old shits like me so I have to find them where I can. I have about sixty gigs of rock and country vids I've accumilated since the late nineties. And I don't plan on giving em back.