Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Alfonzo Nails It Right On The Knat's Ass Again!

Great video on the "Omama Gunna Gimme Phone Sow". What sucks is we have to rely on Black Conservatives such as Alfonzo Rachel or Thomas Sowell to point out these inconvenient truths. Honkies like me saying shit like this get the old race card treatment. And Alfonzo coined a new (I think) word - "Dehmeroids" in the video. I think I'll appropriate that one. His logic is pure, simple, elegant and so obviously true Stevie Wonder could see it. Thanks Dude.

And you know what's really tragic - this lazy cheese eating sponge of a woman screeching about free phones from Omama is probably now a "big" celebrity in "da hood" where she's from. She's too damn stupid to realize what a national joke she has become. She's fucking sickening!


Adrienne said...

The real irony of this whole thing is the union white people herding the blacks around and telling them what to say. Seriously - re-watch the stupid video and instead of watching that screaming insane woman, watch what's going on in the background.

They're so ignorant they don't realize they're still on the plantation. Idiots!

Greasywrench AKA rich b said...

Oh course she's being manipulated and exploited. She's too stupid to know it. And one form of slavery equals another. Only now it's checks, cell phones, EBT cards instead of chains.

CharlieDelta said...

I like the Zonation dude. Hadn't seen his take on this yet. Nice.