Friday, October 12, 2012

Biden Wins An Academy Award

Hey, what the fuck - in a world so twisted Berry Hussein Omama can be awarded a Nobel Peace Prize then surely Joe Biden deserves an Oscar. Besides, Biden has already won one of my coveted Douchebag Awards earlier this year so it's only fair to give him an Oscar this time.

For Joe Biden's thoroughly convincing performance in last nights debate (was it really a performance?) as an asshole, bully, blowhard and general all-around swinging dick we feel it's only fair that Joe Biden be given a nod for his impression of an intelligent man. He sure as hell has forty-seven percent of America's population fooled - they think he's a real Vice President instead of the buffoon and donkey-dick we've all come to know and despise.

He also gets credit for being a world-class liar and no-class clod for invoking the name of his wife and son who've been DEAD for forty years just to score political points . And as I posted on another blog tonight Biden's real purpose in the Omama regime is Impeachment Insurance. No sane Congress would dare get rid of Berry Soetero Hussein Goebbels Neville Chamberlain Omama with Joe Biden waiting in the wings to take over.

An honorable mention Oscar goes to prune-faced moderator Martha Ravaged of last night's debate for impersonating an impartial third party. What a performance! When not stopping Paul Ryan from answering some of Biden's lies she had an uncanny habit of changing the subject just as Ryan was ready to respond on one of Biden's Clintonian bullshit stories. Then again she only fooled the fools with her role as a moderator.

All in all, the acting by prune-face and dick-head last night would have made any comedy ever produced by Hollywood pale by comparison.

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