Friday, October 19, 2012

Don't Look At Me - I Didn't Vote For Him!

More free shit from Omama. Only this time it's a job getting paid to play cards and read. Where do I sign up? From HotAir comes the following video and story.

"Ten days ago, LG Chem subsidiary Compact Power began furloughing workers without ever having produced a single battery for Ford or GM electric vehicles.  So far, taxpayers have put $150 million into the Holland, Michigan operation via Barack Obama’s green-tech subsidy program without seeing any return at all on the investment; the only batteries that have been produced were built in South Korea.  So what has CP and LG Chem been doing for the last couple of years in the facility that taxpayer dollars built?  Mostly playing cards and reading magazines, as the NBC affiliate in Grand Rapids reports (via the Weekly Standard):"

Another shovel ready job from the good stupid people of the Omama regime. No wonder they stopped giving out reports on where the stimulus spending was going. If it weren't for the fact that I quit drinking three years ago shit like this might just inspire me to pull a cork and shoot my computer monitor. One more reason to pink slip these asshats next month.

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