Friday, October 19, 2012

Great Speaker My Ass!

I just finished listening to a clip played on FOX of Omama giving a speech on the stump. I gotta wonder just who in the hell it was that labeled this fool a "great speaker"? His speeches are juvenile and childish. I fully expect him to start making cracks about Romney's "Mama and Granny" next. He's that bad. I can remember giving more eloquent and mature book reports in Junior High School than the crap Omama is spouting off. I thought he was the smartest guy in the room?

And there's one other thing that's becoming more obvious as the campaign nears its end. The smell of fear and desperation. When someone describes animals as being able to smell fear, what the animals actually smell is adrenaline. Human beings reek of it when they're scared. That's the smell coming from the Omama campaign. And adrenaline, along with the Omama campaign stinks!

And Berry has pretty much given up on defending his regime in his speeches. Then again there's nothing to defend. All he has left is to insult Mitt Romney with childish lies and slogans. "Romnesia" is one he used today. Give me a fucking break Berry - is that all you clowns have left? I swear to God I could have done a better job running the campaign - even with Omama's record.

It's all coming apart for Omama and I am enjoying every bit of it. Outside of massive voter fraud (It will happen) by the dems, for the first time I truly believe the contest is all over. Unless Mitt Romney gets caught running naked down Santa Monica Blvd with a blow-up doll he will be our next President. Then I can start capitalizing the word "President" again on a regular basis. I've stopped doing that the last four years. They're not typos when I use lower-case letters when describing congress and the presidency. They don't deserve and haven't earned the respect.

I can't wait until November the sixth when America's experiment with its first taste of Socialism, along with a Monarch will be over.

The King Is Dead - Long Live The King (in Hawaii)

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