Wednesday, October 17, 2012

It's Called Expository

About fifteen years ago I attended the local community college to get a background in the new (then) field of personal computers. My intentions were to get out of the automotive industry (I never did) and try something new. I did end up earning an A.S. in Computer Information Systems just for the fun of it by going nights, weekends and in my spare days. Yeah I know - big deal.

Anyway, to satisfy the degree requirements I also had to take various courses in academics which included History, Philosophy, Political Science and Personal Development along with some touchy-feely crap that had jack-shit to do with the real world. Last but not least I had to take English. In English 101 I learned a word that will remain with me until I die. The word is "Expository". When writing essays for the course I had to learn NOT to include or inject my personal thoughts, ideas, and opinions into any story. IOW - expository means keep your opinions to yourself!

Example: I read and wrote an essay on Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn's "One Day In The Life Of Ivan Denisovich" and the instructor (June Burlingame Smith) forced me to re-write the damn thing three times for a grade because I couldn't or wouldn't be an impartial writer. At the time I hated her for what she did but I realize now it did improve my thinking skills and writing. By the way, all tests in her class were in-class essay writing so there was no way to cheat. I had to learn. Thank you for that Mrs Smith.

So when watching the debates the last few weeks I have to wonder if any of the mods have the slightest fucking clue what the word expository means? I also wonder just what the hell is being taught in the thousands of journalism courses and schools now days. I understand the difference between op-ed and true reporting. The problem is; the so-called journalists of today don't. I don't give a shit what the average reporter is thinking or what his or her political leanings are. All I want is the who, what, where, why, and when of the story. I'm capable of critical thinking and can form my own opinions without their help. If I want op-ed and hysterical ranting I'll watch Sean Hannity or PMS-NBC.

So here's a big fat FUCK YOU to Candy "The Hutt" Crowley, Martha "Prune-Face" Ravaged and the other moderator(s) we will see in the final debate. Please keep your opinions and biases to yourself and I'll do my OWN thinking. I DON'T need your help. And stop correcting and bailing out the candidates... they can stand or fall on their own.

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