Friday, October 5, 2012

Omama's Preaching To His Choir Via Labor Stats

The only one's who will be fooled by the new jobs report are fools. After four years of 8.3% unemployment the jobs number suddenly took an upturn one month before the election? Give me a fucking break! About fifty blogs and sites I've already visited this morning have blown a hole through that report big enough to drive a bus through. The only idiots who will believe this crap are the ones who aren't looking for jobs anyway. I'm talking about fat-ass "free cell phone lady in Cleveland". I'm talking about free gas and "Omama gonna help me with my mortage" gal. And I'm talking about racist douchebags like Samuel L.Jerkson and Snoop Dogg and a thousand other nitwit rappers who wouldn't know a jobs report from a book report.

This Labor Department report will be dis-assembled in the same manner as Romney took apart the Liar-In-Chief the other night. Just let a few folks get at the numbers and analyze the damn thing and see. Maybe this is Omama's October surprise. Just another monumental lie.

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