Saturday, October 20, 2012

Red Meat For Today - Ron Kuby Gets Bitch Slapped!

I can't stand this fucker! He's a cliche from a bad sixties television series.

Along with William Cuntsler, Gloria All-Red and Lynne Stewart, Ron Kuby is one of the biggest shit-stains the American legal profession has EVER produced. So after I read the story on American Thinker I smiled and said to myself "greasywrench, there is justice and Karma in America". And it just bit Ron Kuby in the ass.

It seems ol' Ron decided to try and foist his view on what's right and what's not on the subject of sexual persuasion and got a punch in the nose for his trouble. And the delicious irony is he's expecting the NYPD to bend over backward for him, of all people. Considering he's spent a large part of his life trashing and defaming the cops in the Big Apple he's lucky they don't send his ass straight to Rikers Island.

Personally, I would love to read a follow up story about the couple he accosted turning the tables and suing his ass. He started the fight and got his ass kicked for his reward. And the article in American Thinker refers to Kuby making what may have been an anti-Asian slur towards the woman involved in his beat-down. So much for this lamer and poser and his lifetime of hypocrisy. Serves him right. Champion of the little guy my ass! He's just another communist phony and shit-stain that's been exposed!

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