Thursday, October 25, 2012

The Law Of Supply And Demand

Due to Chris Matthews, American Pravda, a couple hundred other democrats and the subsequent high demand, I've just been informed by the warehouse there will be no more douchebags available until after November the sixth. So we won't be able to hold any aware ceremonies until next month.

As far as Matthews, the idiot has gone totally of his rocker with his claims of racism. If he didn't have racism as a talking point Chris wouldn't have anything to say at all. His obsession with race is pathological at this point. After his latest rants on Sarah Palin and conservatives my suggestion is a thorazine drip. Here's hoping the lying donkey-dick lands head first on rock when he finally hits bottom. And I wonder just what the hell is gonna happen to this fool when Romney wins in two weeks. He will probably hopefully commit suicide. And as I've said several times before - Chris is not crazy. But he is seriously disturbed.

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