Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Too Bad She Didn't Use Napalm

More fake racism and lies from the democraps, or is it Omama, or is it Axleroid, or is it... I think you get the picture. Going back to Tawana Brawley, Madonna Constantine (and several others I'm too lazy to research) I seem to remember this sort of shit happening more than once. What up Cuz? Do you hate Whitey so bad you'll torch your own ass?

Sharmeka Moffitt seems to have fucked-up and lit herself on fire while hanging out in the woods. She then blamed three white guys for the incident. My guess is she overdid the flame source to her crack pipe and ended up being a road flare. She didn't fool the cops but I'll bet she sure as hell will get RevRearEnd Al Sharpton and his his slimy fat race-card playing ass involved sooner or later (and he will). This story has been on The Blaze, Michelle Malkin, and Right Wing Fringe. I predict the reaction from Pravda will be zzzzzzzz... now that it's been proven she's lying. We can only hope next time she gets it right when she decides to light her own ass up. People are getting tired of this crap.

Now if the house band on Jimmy Fallon wants to play "lyin ass bitch" they've got a REAL example.

Lying Ass Bitch

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