Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Here's Something You Don't See Every Any Day

I found the video and story below posted by the Gunny at The Anti-Liberal Zone. It's amazing what can happen when a political reporter actually does their job. In the video below reporter Matt Lee holds State Departmen spokeswoman Victoria Nuland's feet to the fire and grills her on the (non) response by the Omama administration about the current situation in Israel and the statements coming out of Turkey about the Israeli's being "terrorists".

It's fun (and revealing) to see the talking head Nuland crumble right before our very eyes when she's being questioned. It's obvious she's not used to handling any pressure or questions that demand real answers instead of the lies and spin we usually get from the Omama sycophants. At the end of the question she got quite testy and was forced to finally concede to Lee that the Turks are wrong.

This reminds me of the House session with World Class Douchebag Eric Holder several years ago when he absolutely refused to associate the term "radical Islam" with the word "terror" when being questioned about muslims. This politically correct cowardice, thinking, and bullshit is what got four of our fellow Americans murdered in Libya two months ago. And if it continues it WILL happen again.

This man Matt Lee is a REAL reporter as opposed to the Omama butt-licks we have to endure on a daily basis. He should get an IRE Award for this confrontation but most likely he'll be called a racist or some sort of "phobe" for doing his job. I wonder if he'll mysteriously disappear in the next few months for being an honest reporter (now there's an Oxymoron) and showing some integrity and journalistic balls.

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