Thursday, November 8, 2012

Now The Dust Has Settled...

we're gonna have to live with the lying scumbag and socialist in the White House for four more years. I have faith that we can survive a dishonest piece of trash such as Berry Soetero Hussein Goebbels Neville Chamberlain Omama. We survived Carter and we can get past Omama. What we may not survive is the socialist policies the dems are steering us towards. We've already passed the magical tipping point of who's doing the giving and who's doing the taking. When the dems have bled the givers dry we're going to be in a world of hurt.

Thanks to the democrats, more Americans are on food stamps, welfare (and I an NOT talking about Social Security & Veterans benefits) and other forms of government giveaways than in any point in American history. And that includes the Great Depression. We've shot and seriously wounded the proverbially Golden Goose, AKA the American taxpayer. The wound may be fatal. And as we're pushed into European style socialism how much longer can these polices be sustained? In January the sequestration kicks in despite what the lying Kenyan shit-stain claimed lied about in the second debate. And what the fuck are our "leaders" doing? They're mentally masturbating and blowing smoke up our asses all the while knowing we're heading over a cliff. And the only answer the democrats can come up with is the need for "more revenues" also known as TAXES!

During the campaign when the Pussy-In-Chief was busy labeling Mitt Romney as a murderer, tax cheat and liar I can't seem to recall his offering any economic solutions. Can you? Other than the silly-ass book of recycled lies he trotted out two weeks ago he conveniently ignored his first four years of economic failure. But rest assured all the blood sucking welfare slobs like the fat-ass phone lady in Cleveland will probably be getting new Blackberries just to keep up the status-quo. New computers and cars can't be far behind in the liberal wish-list. We're financially fucked and the trash in congress KNOW it, whether they'll admit it or not. We can't sustain the spending without consequences. Then again the feds can always print some more money.

About American Pravda: I had to laugh yesterday at the pathetically ironic talking heads of Pravda who were calling for unity and the "need to pull together" after they perverted the election by conveniently obfuscating, ignoring, and outright lying about the facts on Libya, Omama's communist past (and present) along with his lies and other easily provable shit that should have resulted in his unemployment. And there's world class blowhard Bill O'Reilly who fancies himself the "no spin king" who uses the term "free stuff" when referring to those who voted for Omama and what they want. Hey Bill, why didn't you really be honest and use the word "welfare, food stamps, and checks" when you said "stuff". No spin my ass!

I will never support this man Omama in any way shape or form. I didn't vote for him and he is NOT my president as so many on the left once said about George Bush. I will remain the disloyal opposition and work for the removal of every progressive piece of trash in Kalifornia and Washington D.C.

Being this is The People's Republik Of Kalifornia AND the Left Coast it's damn near an impossible task to vote out a liberal incumbent so it will be a challenge. But, after four more years of the Omama regime and democrat rulers (NOT LEADERS) maybe, just maybe, the trash on the left will wise up. After all - I was once a bleeding heart too. One thing I am SURE of - things CAN NOT continue as they are.

Final Thought: What I see happening in America are the similar conditions that existed in pre-WWII Germany. There's an eerie parallel to the general douchebaggery, political corruption, unemployment, disatisfaction with leaders, anti-semitism, class warfare, and worthlessness of the German Reichsmark. The only thing missing is the rampant inflation. And what was the result? A backlash that produced Adolph Hitler. And we all know how that turned out.

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lastmnconservative said...

Standing ovation. I cant wait for Kalifornia to go completely tits up so I can laugh my ass off. (Condolences to the very very few out there that are not nuts.

Greasywrench AKA rich b said...

I hate to admit to it but you're right. For electing Feinstein, Moonbeam Brown, Babs Boxer, Marxine Waters and a couple thousand others that come to mind we deserve every damn thing that is coming our way.

Many of the good folks here are leaving. The problem is; the reputation this State has is so damn bad no one wants us. I guess I can't blame them.