Friday, November 2, 2012

Reason Number Ten-Billion To Despise Unions

I guess being or not being a union member trumps decency and emergency assistance in New Jersey. From Jammie Wearing Fools comes this heart-warming story. New Jersey union goons are preventing non-union crews from Huntsville Alabama from assisting in getting the lights back on. Winter is coming and this union trash is pushing its agenda.

Now (when timing is crucial) why isn't Chris Christie going ballistic over this? This kind of shit is right up Christie's alley. Jammie also made the astute point about where in the hell is Berry Omama now, after having boasted earlier in the week that "no red tape" will get in the way of recovering services along the East Coast. Oh, I bet I know where Omama is. He's out campaigning. That's it!

And besides, the big unions are part of the crew that's pulling Omama's strings.He wouldn't dare oppose his masters and donors. That would take courage - something Omama is sadly lacking.

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