Thursday, March 14, 2013

President Chicken-Shit Hiding Behind Skirts Again

Actually, he's hiding behind an honorable group of men known as the Secret Service. He, via his butt-lick spokesman Jay Carney is now blaming the Secret Service for the shut down of the White House tours. Does the word Vagina come to mind when thinking of Berry Soetero Hussein Goebbels Omama? Can anyone remember any president who's been such a douche and expert when it comes to passing the buck?

Remember - the Secret Service who personally guard this piece of trash posing as Commander-In-Chief (what a perversion of the term) are expected to take a bullet for him if need be. I have no doubt they are honorable men who would do exactly that if the unthinkable should happen. And all for someone who shows them NO respect and hides behind them by blaming them for the White House tours being canceled. They would literally die for him and Omama isn't fit to shine their shoes. Can the four or five people who read my blog see the irony? Just one more lie in an ocean of dishonesty.

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