Friday, May 3, 2013

Umm Umm Umm... Barack Hussein Omama

"Umm umm ummm.... Barack Hussein Omama". I don't think the shit-on-a-stick meal above is what he/she had in mind when one of the useful idiots of the left penned the mindlessly stupid tune four years ago.

My late Dad had a vulgar expression he used to use when he wanted to insult some narcissistic jerk who thought they were too good or "all that and a bag of chips". He'd say "he  wouldn't say shit if he had a mouthful". Only in Berry Omama's case the meaning of the expression is a bit different. The he is Berry Hussein Omama. The shit is the expression "islamic terrorism" and the mouthful are the attacks we have faced the last four years from the fundamental assholes of Islam.

As many predicted, the attacks increased exponentially once he took his apology and "blame America" tour after his first weeks in office. It screamed weakness and was an outright invitation to Islamofascists to begin anew their agenda of bombing and drive-by cowardice against innocent Americans. After all, their buddy Berry was now the Commander-In-Chief and signaled cowardice by his very own words. Or maybe I misunderstood his meaning. Maybe he was just checking out the "shine" on the shoes of the various Arab and Asian leaders when he bowed to them. Could that be the reason?

I've heard Berry refer to terrorists as "folks" on several different occasions. His regime has called terrorism "workplace violence" as in the Fort Hood massacre. He even asked for "restraint" after the Fort Hood shootings and not to "rush to judgement" - even after reports surfaced that Major Nidal Hasan shouted "Allah Akbar" as he slaughtered thirteen innocent Americans. And his butt-lick AG Eric Holder has been more than willing to go along with this political farce even though he took an oath of office swearing to uphold the Constitution and NOT Berry Hussein Soetero Goebbels Neville Chamberlain Omama. I could go on for another hour or so but my guess is you get my point - either Omama is scared shitless of Muslims or his allegiance lies elsewhere. In one of his so-called "autobiographies" (the one written by Bill Ayers) he's even on record saying he would support Islam over everything else if push comes to shove. And BTW, what kind of narcissistic asshole writes TWO autobiographies before they're fifty?

I'm still stunned the poser in chief was re-elected. The first time might be explainable if you consider how well Omama has hidden his past. But being re-elected is a direct slam on American stupidity. At least the fifty-one percent who voted (many more than once) for his skinny ass last November. I hope I'm wrong but our best days as a society and a Country may be behind us - all because of a Homeric liar and a hopelessly corrupt political party and its voters. Lord help us!

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