Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Well Surprise Surprise - A Post

I've quit posting on a regular basis for several reasons. The main one being my frustration at our political system and the stupidity of the "low information" voters (will someone please be honest and call them stupid) who put Omama back into office along with the political whores who represent a large percentage of them. I feel like I'm pissing into the wind most of the time with my gripes and rants so why bother. Every now and then I do get inspired and toss out a tidbit for the few readers I have. Here's my latest.

I love lampooning the idiots and liars of politics and the ass-kissers and fools in the entertainment industry. Often times I'll give out one of my Douchebag Awards in recognition of their (non) achievements. Here's a crumb I'll toss to the Commander In Chief. I use the term loosely since he's got no more business giving orders to our Military than I do flying the space shuttle. In face, every time I see him salute someone who's earned a salute I wanna toss my cookies. One can only guess what these honorable men and women REALLY think about this chicken-shit fraud who's leading our country. Especially since he's about to get us involved in Syria just so he can save face for bragging and boasting about the so-called "red line" HE drew in the sand over a year ago. Anyway, I've made Berry Hussein Soetero Neville Chamberlain Goebbels Omama the newest company spokesperson for the fine line of Depends adult diapers. After seeing his recent (and cowardly) reactions to Vladamir Putin my guess is he had to stock up.

As far as leading our country, I have a sneaking suspicion that the real balls in the White House are swinging between the legs of Valerie Jarrett. President Omama just don't pack the gear. Just watching him vacillate over the last few days about taking on Assad was painful. I can see him actually using a "Magic 8-Ball" or plucking the petals out of a Daisy when it comes to making decisions of any importance. Nope, this call was made by Valerie Jarrett, not Berry Omama and certainly not our Military Joint Chiefs. Anyway, check out his new Depends spokesperson image below. Maybe it will give you a few laughs. Lord knows I could use one after the last four and one-half years.

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Adrienne said...

Rich - your photoshop is wonderful. I know how you feel since I feel the same way, but I do miss you. :-(