Thursday, October 31, 2013

Finally - A Sneak Peek At The LIV's!

Low Information Voters: They've become such a political catchphrase these days most blogs and sites just use the term/acronym LIV when speaking of these rather stupid people.

Our ace paparazzi and investigator Seymore Butts was able to sneak this recent picture at a "save the cockroaches" rally at the Berkeley Kalifornia campus. And the LIV crowd was out in full force. We were easily able to identify Sean Pennis, rapper Snoop Dogg-Breath, and our (and the congressional black caucus's) favorite Dick-tater, InFidel Castro.

But the several people in the front row who appeared to be .... sheep, remain blindly loyal Berry Omama supporters. I guess the pro Omama signs are a dead giveaway. So in this photo we have the base of today's president and most of the democrapic political party. Criminals and sheep who are more than willingly being led to the slaughter by a president who's no more a leader than I am an astronaut.

  • We have rapper Snoop Dog-breath who was once tried in court for his involvement in a murder and has a list of other crimes on his rap sheet (pun intended)
  • Sean Pennis - a well known communist and hollywood asshole who openly advocates that those who don't agree with him (conservatives and Tea Party members) be committed to mental institutions. He's also done time for beating up photographers for snapping photos. 
  • And last but not least there's Infidel Castro who's been responsible for crimes against humanity and ruining millions of lives and supporting the leading douchebag of the twentieth century - Che Guevarra.
But the biggest threat to our Republic is the uneducated voter (LIV) I've pictured as sheep. They are the ones who vote on the basis of what their union tells them, what the biased assholes of Pravda keep "reporting", or what the talking heads and shit-stains of PMS-NBC tell them to believe.

Dickheads such as Berry Hussein Neville Chamberlain Goebbels Omama will come and go. No one will remember the shitty music of Snoop Dog-Breath in ten years. And Infidel Castro will burn in hell for his crimes even if he's not held accountable in this life. The Castros will pay. But the LIV's are like dog-shit - they're everywhere.

But the LIV is the real problem. We have to find a better way of educating stupid people. Not indoctrinating them as they're doing in today's schools and Universities. Until we figure out how to educate these "voters" they're gonna keep voting for the douchebag who promises them the most "free" stuff... I.E. democruds.

One final thought: As I've posted on several other blogs, boards, and sites, I will no longer refer to these people as LIV. I will call them what they are - stupid!

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