Saturday, October 5, 2013

Omama Closes The Sea

This report just in from Breitbart - Omama and the feds have closed the ocean. I'm not fucking kidding! Anyone with one crumb of brain cells has to correctly assume this order came from the top. The Kenyan POS in his zeal to score his political points is really putting it to ALL of America, not just Republicans.

So now the arrogant Poser-in-Chief thinks he's gonna shut down thousands of square miles of sea but in the same breath can't seem to stop any hoppers at the border or find out where the fuck the guns in the fast-n-furious debacle ended up.

If this president were anyone else but a (half) black man who's been protected by the sycophants of Pravda he would have been IMPEACHED in his first term. Just the plethora of lies he's told all by himself should have cost him a re-election. But once again the "low-information" STUPID voters and progressives will bend over and grab their ankles to keep his slimy ass in office. At this point in time I am actually starting to believe that the bumbling fucking oaf Joe Biden would make a better president. Man oh man am I getting desperate!

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