Sunday, October 6, 2013

Veeerrrry Interesting...

Does anyone remember Rowan and Martin's "Laugh In" from the late sixties? It was an innovative and sometimes hilariously funny TV comedy show consisting of quick comedy sketches. One of my favorite bits was Arte Johnson and his Nazi impression. On any given subject Arte would trill out "veeerrrry interesting" when making a statement.

Omamacare IS Illegal: From American Thinker comes this intriguing article about Democare (AKA Omamacare). My guess is; the challenge of Omamacare and its Constitutionality being brought up again in the Supreme Court is a pantload. Of course with our legal system and the snails pace at which it moves the case would not be heard for several years, if at all. But the fact remains that the Omamacare bill DID originate in the Senate and not the House. That makes it Unconstitutional by any interpretation of our supreme laws. Then again, doing things in an Unconstitutional manner never stopped the Kenyan POS in the past, and my guess is it won't now. But the thought is veeerrry interesting.

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