Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Cosmos My Ass!

I've been watching the 2014 series Cosmos since it began several weeks ago. Although the original hype about this new version was about it being a re-boot of Carl Sagan's original Cosmos from 1980, tonight it lost me as a loyal viewer...for good! Actually this may have been the last of this year's episodes. Who gives a shit? I'm done after tonight.

And what happened tonight? Neil deGrasse Tyson went off on a "global warming" and AGW agenda-driven tangent complete with decades old images and videos (the seventies?) of oil-soaked birds and filthy landscapes. And in the process they lost what credibility the show had remaining. I was promised science and I got an op/ed. Wrong.. Wrong... Wrong!

Actually, the episodes have been more of a series of history lessons with a bit of Philosophy and progressive group-think tossed in for seasoning. It has had very little to do with the Cosmos as the original Sagan version did. Not that is a bad thing, but I was led to believe this would be about Black Holes, Gamma-Ray bursts, interstellar travel, etc... What I got tonight was a scolding and warning about the destructive nature of humankind. So where's the beef hard science?

Tonight's episode was a progressive's wet dream - a bait-and-switch about the evils of human beings. I'll stick to Stephen Hawking, Michio Kaku, and Jana Levin. We've been mislead on this show. Although I believe in climate change I still see no hard evidence or a "consensus" as Tyson claimed tonight on whether it's caused by human or natural effects. And at a cost of trillions dollars and thousands of jobs they better come up with some REAL proof. Not the shit Al Gore and progressive America is trying to shove down our throats.

Tyson and Ann Druyan (the show's producer) pulled a fast one tonight and as scientists they should be ashamed. Especially Ann Druyan, when you consider she was married to Carl Sagan.

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