Tuesday, June 24, 2014

An Old Friend Returns

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And no, the "friend" I refer to isn't John Koskinen, the snotty fucking asshole from the IRS. It's the world famous "Douchebag Award". I haven't given out one of these coveted prizes in a while, so today I thought I'd re-introduce the award and give it to someone who so very richly deserves it - John Koskinen of the IRS.

This particular Douchebag Prize we're awarding today is a custom design and features a handy viewing window so one can see what a "douche" actually consists of. Click on the image to enlarge and view the contents.

Today's Recipient Criteria & Qualifications: For being an arrogant, snotty, defiant, and utterly blatant example of what the government has become under the Omama regime, I can't think of anyone who has done more to earn this prize. If being an asshole and liar were tax deductible, this prick would never have to pay another dime. And I'm sure he has no worries about being prosecuted for lying to Congress. He's already been assured that there's not a "smidgeon" of corruption in the IRS. Omama said so, hence the dismissive attitude towards Congress and ultimately, America. Honorable mention also goes to the democraps who defended and actually apologized to this crooked shit-stain.

This Donkey Dick epitomizes what government bloat and corruption represents. So here you go John. You earned it. BTW asshole, I hope you get audited!

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