Friday, June 13, 2014

How Much More Do They Expect Us To Take

"Uhhh, the computer crashed and we lost all her emails"

I guess they didn't have the balls to try and claim "Executive Privilege" one more time so they're pulling this. Once again the shit-stains in the Omama regime and its IRS butt-licks have insulted the intelligence of the American people with their bullshit and lies. This time it's about Lois Lerner (again) and her IRS emails to the White House and other government agencies that were PROMISED to be revealed. From the Daily Caller comes this little tidbit of news. Of course the first thing that came to mind was the eighteen-minute gap in the Nixon Tapes during the Watergate hearings. Nixon would be proud of her lying ass.

Someone correct me if I'm wrong but doesn't the government, and especially the IRS rely on redundant systems and backups when it comes to records. I seriously doubt there's only one computer in the IRS and it just happened to be the one with Lerner's email records on its hard drive. And yet this is what these fucking liars would have us believe. Incredible! Just try and tell the IRS you lost your W-2 form or interest income statements at tax time and see what happens. Just try it!

First this lying hag Lerner planted a question in her own press conference to out the story about the IRS and its selective prosecution and harassment of conservative PAC groups. Then she claimed her Fifth Amendment privileges when being questioned by the House on IRS corruption, all the while spilling her guts to the DOJ on the very same subject. I guess she doesn't fear Eric Holder's people (for some odd reason) and yet has nothing to say to our elected representatives in the House. Then she's allowed to "retire" with all benefits and slink off into the sunset with no repercussions and/or accountability, unless you count a House contempt citation which is toothless when one considers it would be Eric Holder's DOJ who would investigate her. The entire scenario is a rigged fucking game.

What really pisses me off about this is this - nothing will happen. Based on past illegalities the people involved here will escape without any accountability. Congress will pitch a bitch, threaten those in charge with some type of sanctions and/or hearings (again) and maybe, just maybe, issue another worthless contempt citation. But no one will go to jail, lose their job or pay any price at all. Just a guess based on past actions. Any bets? I'm giving odds.

No, not a smidgeon of corruption going on here. The president said so.

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