Monday, June 30, 2014

Meet The New Boss...

"same as the old boss" Pete Townsend - 1971

Morph Gif By Rich B

No matter how many ways you slice it, dictators and totalitarian governments are always the same old shit. They just come from different piles. It's the same circus, just different clowns. I could go on with the cliches but I've made my point. Berry Hussein Soetero Neville Chamberlain Goebbels Omama is cut from the same cloth as all the people in my morph image above. Omama may be a democratically elected president but he rules just like the clowns from circuses past. The IRS scandal is but one glaring example. And it is NOT phony. Having his stooge Eric Holder intentionally NOT enforce our laws is another. The lack absence of border enforcement is one more. How about Benghazi or the V.A. scandals. Obamacare? Should I go on?

And by telling the Republicans in Congress "I have a phone and a pen" he's not only giving them the middle finger, he's flipping America the "bird" too. And all of this comes from a man who claims to have taught Constitutional law for ten years. Just whose Constitution was he teaching? Not the one I've learned about. Maybe he was just grading papers at Harvard. He's been known to stretch the truth before about his past so it wouldn't surprise me. 

There's a damn good reason why we have a separation of powers in our Republic. It's so the juice doesn't get concentrated into one branch of our government. It's also to ensure that when we pass a law, there's a consensus and mandate in BOTH houses of Congress that we want it passed. The democraps and their Fuhrer Omama have either forgotten or just plain ignored those little tidbits of Constitutionality. Does anyone remember Omamacare and how it was passed forced on America?

It's too late to do anything about Omama. We're stuck with his skinny ass (assuming he actually leaves D.C.) for another two years. But in November we can send some of the progressive trash in Washington out for pick-up. And don't worry about separating them into different containers for recycling. They're all the same shit.

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