Friday, July 25, 2014

Wild Bill On "Moderate" Muslims

Hardnox, blog leader and owner extraordinaire posted this Wild Bill video over on Nox & Friends this morning and I thought I'd pass it on. As usual, Wild Bill nails it right on the knat's ass. If there were ever an oxymoron it's the term "Moderate Muslims". Just where in the hell are these moderate practitioners of the "Religion of Peace?" I'd like to know.

Final Musings: I have several Muslim acquaintances I deal with on a business basis and they're always quite honest and friendly. The only thing is; there is always a quiet and pensive thought in the back of my mind when I deal with these people. Would they allow some fellow radical muslim to chop off my head without a word of protest for some perceived offense to Allah just because the Koran mandates it? Would they speak up in defense of my life? I'll always wonder. For some reason I don't feel this way about my Sikh, Jewish, Hindu, and Christian friends and associates. Now why is that?

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