Sunday, November 29, 2009

Hollywood - Dhimmis or Dummies? Is It Both?

This is just another in a series of stupid rants from Yours Truly & TWOG.

Last night as I watched one of my favorite old movies - "National Lampoon's Vacation" on the Bravo Channel, the nitwits in charge of programming did something that seriously pissed me off. In the scene where the Griswold Family are captured as kidnappers by SWAT teams at Wally World, Roy Wally appears and begins shouting questions at the SWAT team in rapid fire. At one point of the dialog Roy Wally asked the SWAT commander if the Griswold's were "terrorists or Arabs". Well WTF did Bravo do but censor out the words Terrorists & Arab. I know the original dialog included the word Arab & Terrorist as I've seen this movie at least fifty times. Dhimmi or Dummy?

Are the suits in charge at Bravo frightened of the words Terrorists and Arab? Now bare in mind this is the Bravo Channel. A channel that regularly promotes controversial viewpoints and lifestyles. And consider this - the word "Bravo" is Spanish for brave. I see nothing brave in Bravo's choice to censor two words out of what's obviously Political Correctness and/or fear.

It seems Bravo doesn't mind offending a majority of Americans with some of their programing and lifestyle content but apparently they are shitting their pink network panties at the usage of the simple words Terrorist and Arab. Dhimmi or Dummy?

I do realize Bravo IS a cable channel and all one has to do is grab the remote, push a button, and change channels. But - if a classic American movie can be scrubbed, all in the name of Political Correctness (or fear) by Bravo, then their attempts at being bold by promoting controversial viewpoints in their programming rings hollow. Dhimmi or Dummy?

I've also noticed that the Studios/Douchebags in Hollywood, in their zeal NOT to offend Muslims have largely quit making terrorism movies since 9/11 that featured.... Muslim Terrorists. Muslim Terrorists appearing in pre 9/11 films were quite common. But with the exception of this year's excellent Liam Neeson movie "Taken", post 9/11 films feature almost none. However it seems that Nazis and Bolsheviks (safe targets) are making quite the comeback in the post 9/11 world of Hollywood. How ironic that after Islamofacists actually carried out a horrible attack and killed thousands, Hollywood decided not to depict Muslims Fanatics as terrorists anymore. This is the Hollywood equivalent of making movies about Nazis and leaving out Germans. Dhimmi or Dummy?

In an earlier post I cited a Yahoo interview with 2012 Director Roland Emmerich where he actually confessed to fearing a Fatwa if he destroyed any Muslim images or landmarks in his films. So I pose the question again - are the nitwits in Hollywood Dhimmi or Dummy?

Or could it be they're just cowards? You make the call.


Winfred Mann said...

Hollywood and liberals fear Islam, however, their political correctness (a mental illness, aka, aversion to reality) overrides all else.

The issue of Arab and terrorists is twofold" the Arab problem and the Islam problem. Because of the Arab problem, Saddam had to go.

Greasywrench said...

What's aggravating is how Hollywood and the Liberals who run the studios, along with most actors, consider themselves to be ahead of the curve when it comes to smashing sterotypes and being fearless. And yet they show complete cowardice in this case. It's just more fertilizer and hypocrisy from Tinsel-Town. I suppose there's some small measure of integrity from Emmerich for even admitting the truth.