Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Another Hollywood Celebrity Hiding Out In Rehab

Sean Young. Yeah, I bet you've heard of her before. She's famous for making an ass out of herself by harassing James Woods and for many other incidents and she shows no signs of letting up after all these years. She got herself into an embarrassing situation at the Directors Guild Awards and then, like so many Hollywood nitwits, immediately afterwards headed off to rehab. It's getting to be a pattern with these overpaid, spoiled shit-stains. Do something stupid, blame it on drugs or alcohol, then head off to Rehab to "confront their demons". She gets the latest "Douche-bag Award" from The World Of Greasywrench. I have a newsflash for Ms Young. It's not the drugs or alcohol causing your bizarre behavior. It's you. Maybe you, Britney, and Lindsey can all get together in group and trade war stories.

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