Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Teddy Tiddy Kennedy Endorses Obama

The question is, does Obama want it? Kennedy is the "Elder Statesman" for the Democratic party. Normally, under any other circumstances his endorsement would be welcomed. However, does it help or hurt Obama? After all, Kennedy is part of America's most scandal ridden political family (excluding the Clintons) and I question anyone who accepts his blessing. This is, after all, a man who was......

Expelled from Harvard in 1951 for cheating on a Spanish exam.

A man who is arguably responsible for the death of Mary Jo Kopechne. When he left her submerged in a car after an accident, she was very probably still alive. At the time of Mary Jo's death, Kennedy was driving on an expired license, which showed disregard for even the most basic of laws.

A man who favors alternative energy sources except (Cape Wind Turbine Farm) when they compromise his Cape Cod view.

A man whose boorish and drunken behavior contributed to the sexual assault of a young woman by his nephew William Kennedy Smith.

Was a major supporter of the "The Big Dig" which is one of the leading examples of cost overruns and government waste in American history and contributed to the death of a young mother.

I could go on and on regarding the history of the Kennedy family who the Lame Stream Media have an annoying habit of calling "America's Royal Family" but my computer only has a 80 gig hard-drive and it's half-full now.

2/05/08----Update: It seems the voters of MA have rejected the Kennedy's and their endorsement of Obama. Cankles has been declared the winner of the MA primary. I'm watching Chris Wallace interview Karl Rove as I type and Rove actually referred to Tiddy as a "legend". I'm sure there was some sarcasm on Rove's part if one reads between the lines but who knows. I can think of many things to call Tiddy Kennedy but "legend" doesn't make the very long list.

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