Sunday, January 13, 2008

I Worked On A Batmobile Today

I had some fun today. I did a little job on a 1959 Impala with a 348ci engine. The car is a classic old Chevy that kind of resembles the Batmobile. The 348 engine was uncommon in its day. I guess it's the original big block Chevy engine. Most of the late fifties cars were powered by small blocks and straight six engines.

Anyway, it was an easy diagnosis. The car had a fuel delivery problem that turned out to be a defective fuel pump. Easy job. Easy quick forty dollars. Yes I know, I work cheap. Twenty minutes of work in total after I opened the hood it's off and running.

The car is for sell and advertised on Craig's List for $6,500.00 dollars. I found the job listing on Craig's List also. As far as selling the car I told the owner he would regret it in ten years. Anyway, I missed the Colts game while working on the car and it turned out they lost. It would have been a drag to watch since I'm a Peyton Manning fan. Wait until next year.

Last but not least, the picture above is another 1959 I downloaded from the web. The actual car I worked on is also a four door but it's a very nice silver color.

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