Monday, January 14, 2008

Let The Race Baiting Begin

Well that didn't take too long. The politics of race has reared its ugly head now in the Democratic primaries. All it took was Obama's win in Iowa for Cankles to find her long-lost femininity and shed a few faux tears. Next it took Cankles win in New Hampshire to re-affirm her arrogance and a newly unleashed Clinton political machine to start the politics of race.

Hillary is trying to affirm her street cred and display her religious convictions by showing up at several Black Churches in the last few days. Funny thing is she doesn't seem to give the same respect and lip service to "White" Churches. I wonder if she's found anew her condescending cadence and accent that seems to come and go at will, depending on the color of the congregation. The truth is; should Billary be nominated and win the Presidency in November she most likely won't set foot in another Church, black or white, unless decorum demands it, for the remainder of her term.

By making the ridiculous remarks about MLK and his dependence on LBJ for the Civil Rights Victories of the sixties she really put her big foot in her mouth. Obama and his supporters were obligated to call her on it. The article is posted on Excite. Click on the link below.

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