Saturday, March 22, 2008

Cindy Wins Another Douchebag Award!

Cindy Sheehan wins her second Douchebag Award. Mother Sheehan is our first multiple Douchebag Award winner. She is being honored for just being an America hating bitch and a general pain in the ass. A smiling Cindy is pictured here receiving her prize in San Francisco and thanking her fellow douche's for all their support. She promised to do all she can to live up to her reputation as a douchette and proud commie bitch. Way to go Cindy.You earned it. I"m sure Casey would be proud.

Cindy, it may be a cliche but if you hate the U.S. so much, why not just leave? I'm sure Hugo Chavez will welcome you again. As long as he and all the other Dictators you've embraced can get some more mileage out of you, you will be welcome in their countries.

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