Wednesday, March 12, 2008

I'm Back!

After over a month of being extremely sick I'm back. I guess I'll make my return post one about my Cherry Tomatoes. I've been growing these little Toms since October but I'm finally getting some results out of my two plants. I didn't realize that Tomato plants would Winter over but these two did. Here's a pic of my little green Toms from Monday, March 10, 2008. It's getting warm here on the Left Coast and it's Spring for all practical purposes in Los Angeles.

One more thing. Bye Bye to Eliot Spitzer. To use an old cliche, it couldn't have happened to a bigger asshole! Debbie Schlussel has been blogging on what an ass Spitzer is/was for years. She's right on the money when it comes to this idiot. As I'm typing and listening to Bill O'Reilly, he played a clip from "The View" and I was subjected to a snippet of douchebag Joy Blowhard blaming Spitzer's problems on Viagra. Her ignorance and stupidity is stunning. Laura Ingraham followed "Joy Blowhard's" ridiculous statement with a comment that was excellent (as usual) about Joy Blowhards ignorance and her rationalizing about Spitzer when it comes to the problems of crimes against women. The puke that streams from "The View" is absolutely astounding. No wonder so many men (and women) trivialize the opinions of the women on "The View". They are idiots, and by spouting their drivel they only confirm that fact. If stupidity were mountains, Joy Behar would be Everest. There aren't enough nouns and adjectives in the English language to describe Behar's ridiculous opinions. The fact that she has a daily forum to articulate them is a monument to the lengths we go to when it comes to protecting free speech in the U.S.A.

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