Thursday, April 3, 2008

Easy Pickens

It was cloudy yesterday and we even had a couple drops of rain. A real Kalifornia downpour you could call it. It's nice today. Sunny but kind of cool. Warm weather is on the way.

It's gotta get warm and stay warm for these things to really take off. We had some real warm weather around Easter but it cooled off again. It's making my garden neurotic.

Here's a couple I just picked this morning. I'll probably give em away. I'm not much for whole tomatoes. I do like these on a nice salad though. I should have a lot more soon. There's lots of baby ones in my garden. Mrs Greasywrench claims to like Cherry Toms but they just sit in a dish for a couple of days before I take em over to my pal Kevin and let him have at em. The damn plants are like weeds. I prune the shit out of them and a week later it's like I never touched em. They're very easy to grow.


Burnt Toast said...

Yeah, those cherry toms are like a virus. You practically can't kill the damn things. Last year I planted 6 Sugar Plum grape tomato plants, which is tantamount to going to the grocery store hungry.

I could have fed tomato salads to half of Africa because of the ridiculous yield. My friends began to ignore my telephone calls and I was reduced to stashing bulging bags of tomatoes in peoples cars, refrigerators or offices when they weren't around.


Greasywrench said...

I know what you mean about having too much produce. Last year I had about ten Kentucky Wonder Pole Beans growing and at their peak production I was picking the damn things twice a day.

I just got back from Home Depot with two cubic yards of Miracle Grow garden soil and some more Tomato and Squash seeds.

I'm gonna grow some Zucchini squash this time. I also got some "Better Boy Hybrid" tomato seeds. The tomato plant is an indeterminate type so I have to research whether I need a trellis for them or whether I'm gonna have a hell of a mess on my balcony. There were several other types but the growing season was too long. Up to 120 days to harvest.

The sunshine on my balcony takes a hike after the end of October so I have to be careful what I grow.