Saturday, April 5, 2008

In The Begining....

there was top-soil - and it was good. Alright, enough from the Book of Genesis. Just a plot of dirt here waiting for some action. It's my pal Kevin's back yard. Not much of a spot but just you wait and see. In about three months it ought to be rockin.

I just finished amending the soil the other day with some Miracle Grow. Add a little Nitro-Humus and we're off to the races (I hope). We grew some Early Girl Tomatoes and Beans last year and fed the neighbors for two months. Now I'm gonna try and diversify.

Now all you folks with some real acreage don't make fun. This is the best we can do in a town where the average starter home is in the mid $300,000.00 range. Land is precious in San Pedro and as the old drag racing saying goes - "you run what you brung".

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Burnt Toast said...

The beginning is the best part.

Last year in September I was in the garden and had my ziploc bag full of opened, half-used seed packets, which I promptly left outside for two weeks. Needless to say, the seeds got wet, germinated and I had two radical looking conflagrations of seed sprouts. I couldn't tell what was what so I planted both masses. Turns out the only thing that survived were buttercrunch lettuces and some kind of bush bean and one corn plant.

Fast forward to today and I have the most beautiful lettuces and the bush beans that are loaded with pods. They survived all winter with very little care and I expect to be eating a nice salad and a side of beans soon.

Proof that plant life is more powerful than we give it credit for. All hail chlorophyll!