Saturday, April 5, 2008

The Return Of Islamic Rageboy!

Just In! Islamic Rageboy is back!
Greasywrench Press - April 5, 2008 (c)

World famous Seether Islamic Rageboy has recently resurfaced as the company spokesperson for Assengill Feminine Hygiene Products.

When asked where he had been the last eighteen months Rageboy replied "I was on Jihad". He also added "Jihad is dirty business and I felt need to refresh myself". "When this wonderful company approach me about being their representative I said to my self, "Rageboy, you've spent enough time making war against Infidel, now you need to freshen up and find seventy-two Virgins". "There's an old saying in Arabic - you can tell if it's well by the way that it smell. I was getting so bad the Camels and Donkeys were rejecting me."

The Assengill company stated Rageboy was the second choice as spokesperson. The first choice was Achmed The Dead Terrorist. Unfortunately, once Achmed had died it became increasingly difficult for the Douche products to be very effective. Hence the selection of Rageboy. Let's wish Rageboy all the best.

Steal my graphics please.


Burnt Toast said...

Rage Boy is lookin' kinda cute in that dress.

Greasywrench said...

Rageboy hasn't been out and about for a while so I thought I'd revive him. I have a blast doing the image editing. I got tired of stealing other folks work so I started doing my own.

Last Summer another site did a photoshop parody of Rageboy and I had sumitted a couple of edits though they only used one. Still, it's a lot of fun and I can practice my sarcasm on a target-rich environment - the world of Islamofacsism.