Saturday, May 17, 2008

Big Brown Wins Preakness

I'm not a big horse racing fan but I usually try and watch the Triple Crown races when a horse is in the running to win all three. Today I watched a big brown horse run a race that brought back a thirty-five year old memory.

I was only a nineteen year old kid when Secretariat ran the Belmont virtually all alone in 1973. Not knowing shit about horses or racing, even I could apprecitate the site of a big red horse that ran away from a field of four other horses and in the process set a record that still stands today. In fact, many racing experts feel it may never be equalled or broken.

So, just for a minute today I was a nineteen year old kid again with my whole life ahead of me. I'm watching a race on a warm sunny day as I did in 1973 and marveling at the athletic ability of horses. I never really use the term Deja Vu but it's all I can think of right now.

Here's a YouTube clip of Secretariat winning the Belmont from 1973 below. IF Big Brown wins the Belmont in three weeks I'll post a clip of him too. Until then, the best horse race I've ever seen was the 1973 Belmont. And, the best horse I've ever seen run was Secretariat

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