Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Good Ole Dependable Tomatoes

I haven't posted any tomato pictures for a while since I was so obsessed with the weird squash plant I had growing. So, here's a tomato shot I thought I'd post.

These little red ping-pong ball sized goodies grow even when I ignore em. Nothing like unconditional love from a plant. I gave the plants a haircut yesterday or else they would have overrun my balcony.

I'm contemplating cutting down the plants which is probably a dumb idea since they're growing and producing like weeds. I don't know how long the average tomato plant lasts but these guys actually Wintered over. I started them in late October and they began producing in early February. I'm getting about ten a day from both plants. I don't care for tomatoes so I give them away but all reports say they are great. Anyway, at least something I cultivate likes to actually produce fruit.

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Burnt Toast said...

I believe that in the right climate a tomato plant will produce for a very long time. Usually around here it just gets too cold, but I've seen plants planted in February produce until December, just need a little extra care when conditions are tough.

I though about your squash yesterday as I was planting my squash and zucchini plants. I started the seeds in peat pots and have been a lazy ass about getting them into the ground. One of the squash has the tiniest little squash attached to it. It can't be more than 1/8 inch in diameter and a 1/2 inch long. It's the funniest looking thing. I'm sure today now that it is planted it'll probably grow three feet before I can take a picture of it.