Sunday, May 11, 2008

Close But No Cigar

The Lakers made a fight of it today in Utah but came up short. Kobe being hurt was no excuse. A team can't make as many ball-handling errors as the Lakers did and expect to win. No excuses for the Lakers.

They put on a furious comeback late in the fourth quarter thanks to Derik Fisher and Lamar Odom but all it bought them was an overtime. I could have killed Luke Walton when he allowed his (supposed) easy dunk to get blocked from behind. He kind of trotted up court instead of going up strong and got caught by Price.

Okay. Now it's back to L.A. and Staples Center. Maybe we'll get a few of the charging calls we didn't get today. Like I said a month ago. Home court COUNTS in the NBA. The Lakers will win all their home games and win this series in seven.


Burnt Toast said...

Greasy, looks like we might have a Lakers/New Orleans matchup which might actually force me to watch a game. I haven't kept up with the NBA in a long time. I'm an old school Celtics fan simply from childhood indoctrination.

I think New Orleans has a pretty exciting team though. For the city's benefit I hope they continue to win.

And speaking of Los Angeles, I finally took the time to check out your local weather woman Jackie Johnson. I'm still trying to find my other eyeball as both popped right on out. That's one good looking woman.

Greasywrench said...

Jackie is definatly a keeper.

I'd love to see a Lakers/N.O. series. I do have a vested interest to see the Lakers play the Spurs too. My Sister only recently came back to Kalifornia after nearly 28 years in Texas. She spent most of the time in Corpus Christi. She hates the Lakers and love the Spurs so it makes for some great family feuds.

I'm sure people are getting tired of San Antonio showing up in the finals every year just like everyone got tired of the Lakers back in 2000-2002. Three straight NBA titles and everyone hated L.A.

The Hornets vs Lakers in a Western Conference final would be great. Nothing like some new blood.