Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Hot Off The Press! Hillary Caught Telling The Truth!

I found the link to this story at Sweetness and Light. It's deliciously ironic. Hillary and Bill are accusing the press of "slanted reporting". Now that's fu***ng rich!

Now wait just one minute. Isn't Hillary supposed to be the smartest woman in the U.S., and yet it took her all this time to figure that out what a corrupt slanted press we have. Bwaaahaaahaaa! She wants to be the next President of the U.S. and it took her fifty plus years to see through the bullshit of the Lame Stream Media.

Hillary has got to be having a Mental Super Nova right now because I believe she feels Obama stole what was rightfully her nomination and now she's gonna zero in on the press as the culprits. And the best part is....she's correct. Obama has had the press bending over and asking for "another" since he announced.

In my opinion, Obama was nominated four years ago when he made the great keynote address at the Democratic Convention. As soon as I heard his speech I said to myself, Greasywrench, the press and Terry MaCaullife are gonna be on this guy like stink on shit. Ray Charles could have seen it coming. Every time the Democrats have a great Keynote address the next thing you hear is "let's get this guy/gal to run. They did it with Barbara Jordon, Mario Cuomo, and Ted Kennedy (that one really worked out).

Isn't that just like the Dems. To select a nominee because he's a great speaker. The only problem is - Obama can speak for hours and say nothing of substance. He's worse than an infomercial at three in the morning. Just like the L.A. River, he's half a mile wide and an inch deep. I actually feel Hillary would make a better President than Obama. Not that I'd vote for either one of them.

This shit serves the Clintons right. They've been using the press and dirty tactics for years and now it's jumped up and bitten both of their fat-asses. Now the shoe is on the other foot how's it feel Bill and Hillary? Not too tight? Ahh sweet irony. The story is below. Try not to laugh too hard when you read what a whining couple of Donkey Dicks the Clintons are.

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