Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Lakers Overcome Twenty Point Deficit To Win

It took the Lakers approximately thirty minutes to decide to play the Spurs last night. Maybe I should say it took Kobe thirty minutes to wake up and play. When he did wake up he came up swinging. What a comeback it was too. One more game like than and I'm gonna need a fibulator and an oxygen tank. But...twenty points in an NBA game isn't shit and the Lakers got very lucky last night.

Whatever Kobe is smoking pre-game I wish he'd knock it off. He's got a bad habit of doing what he did last night. He'll sleepwalk through half a game and then all of a sudden get serious. This wasn't the first time. He might get away with that in game one but if he pulls the same shit again the Lakers aren't gonna dodge the next Spurs bullet.

All the local papers are buzzing today about the "comeback" and such, but the reason the Lakers got away with it is Manu Ginobili disappeared Wednesday night along with his offense. The rest of the Spurs took a small vacation too starting at the six minute mark of the third period but it won't happen again. If Ginobili had even made two of the ten shots he missed last night L.A. would be crying the blues this morning. Get serious Kobe. We can't get away with this again. The Spurs will kill the Lakers next time. I guarantee it.

Still it was a great testament to a Laker team that wouldn't quit and it had to take a mental toll on San Antonio. The Spurs are a class act and they didn't cry and blame anyone but themselves for the loss. Considering they spent the better part of the night before in a grounded airplane they had every right to bitch. The next game won't be so easy. The Spurs are not the type of team to lay down like the Nuggets did in the first round. They will be back and I predict a close game Friday.

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