Sunday, May 25, 2008

Please Dear Lord - No More Marv Albert On TNT

I can't think of any sports announcer more annoying than Marv Albert. Please God - make him have a bad cold tonight. Maybe the Measles or Mumps will do the trick. Just don't let him announce.

Maybe he'll find a new outfit to wear and decide not to show up in San Antonio. Maybe that new garter and silk stockings will keep him on the sidelines. Maybe he'll find a nice hooker with a juicy ass to bite.

Since the death of Chick Hearn I can no longer turn on my radio and turn down the volume of my television and listen to a great announcer. RIP Chick. There will never be another you or your clever and rapid fire way of simulcasting a game. Now we're stuck with whoever is announcing on TNT or the Networks.

So Marv, please keep your big mouth shut and let us watch the game in peace. We don't need to hear "Yesssss" when a great play happens. We can see. No more "downtown" on a long shot or a three pointer. Just shut the f**k up and let us watch the game.

One last thing Marv. That fu**ed up Toupee has got to go. No one gives a shit if you're bald. Lose the Toupee. It wouldn't fool Helen Keller.

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Burnt Toast said...

Didn't this guy get into trouble with some hookers or something years ago?

He's just another over-blown egomaniac like Bob Costas, Terry Bradshaw, Joe Buck and Tim McCarver. Can't stand those fools.

Like you said, where are the Chick Hearn's, Vin Scully's, Harry Carey's and Dizzy Dean's of the world? I'll take character and intellect and sometimes hilarious ignorance (Dizzy Dean) over pompous-ass, over-the-top, loudmouth blowhards anyday.