Sunday, June 8, 2008

Big Brown Pulls Up Short In The Belmont

Yesterday I watched Big Brown in his bid to win the Triple Crown and he joined horse racing's list of might have beens. This leads me to reiterate what I blogged about three weeks ago. With no exceptions it takes a very, very, special horse to win the Triple Crown and Big Brown came up short. Maybe the Triple Crown is just too grueling a challenge for three year old horses. At three years of age horses are still just Colts.

As I watched the race it appeared that Big Brown's jockey was putting the whip to his mount around the backstretch and Brown didn't respond. In fact it appeared Big Brown came up slightly lame. He appeared to be favoring his left rear leg after the race. I could be wrong as thoroughbreds have a prancing type of walk and it could have just been Big Brown's particular gait.

Anyway, once again I look back in time and remember the day Secretariat absolutely ran away from four other horses and in the process set a record that still stands to this day and may never be broken. One more time I'll post the YouTube clip below of the Great Secretariat and his twenty-five length win and marvel at Equine athleticism.


Burnt Toast said...

You know, I'm wondering if this horse just thought to himself, "hey, fuck all these stupid humans, I'm tired of running, I'm tired of being followed around by cameras, I'm tired of people touching my hooves, and lastly I'm just tired.

I began watching the early races on ESPN and the endless commentary about Big Brown was just sickening and stupid. Big Brown this, Big Brown that. Even after the race was over, not to forget that he was upset by a 25-1 longshot, but you never would have known it listening to the bubbleheads on ABC gushing on a losing horse. I think Big Brown was just fed up.

I have a liar for an owner, a belligerent smart ass for a trainer and all I wanna do is get some horse nookie, but instead I have to run around in circles.

Good for you Big Brown, I think you did just fine.

Screw these stupid humans.

Greasywrench said...

Think of it like this. Big Brown is probably gonna get put out to stud and he can't wait. Thinking about all those young Fillies out in the pasture probably distracted him in the Belmont. I stand by what I said about Secretariat. He was an awesome horse.

I remember four years ago when Smarty Jones was in the running for the triple crown and that's all i heard about for weeks. Same shit again with Big Brown. That's why I put in the comment about sports announcers in my Lakers post. I can't stand the fucking sports announcers we have today.

I don't know if you ever watch Real Sports on HBO with Bryant Gumbel but Bryant has to be the biggest asshole in broadcasting. They did a Lenny Dykstra profile on Real Sports a couple of months ago and it was hilarious. BTW, Lenny Dykstra is one of the funniest ex-jocks you've ever seen and I'm a big fan of him. You should have seen some of the expressions on Bryant's face when he was discussing Lenny. Gumbel looked like a fucking prom queen who just got felt up he was so offended at Lenny's language. It was classic.

I can't stand what we have for sports announcers these days. It becomes all the more relevant when you consider the death last weekend of Jim McKay who I had a lot of respect for. RIP Jim.